Taking Your Health to a Cellular Level

ATH Health is an innovative life sciences company that has developed a novel over the counter self-test kit called MyCellHealth.

To the best of our knowledge, the test is the only non-invasive, cost-effective indicator test that allows you 
to screen yourself at home for unusual cell activity in minutes using a first pass, mid-stream morning urine sample.

The MyCellHealth self-test kit is as simple to use as a
 urine-based home pregnancy test. Except for the need for sophisticated laboratory-based blood analysis, the MyCellHealth self-test kit can also be compared to a white blood cell count that might indicate the body is fighting an infection somewhere in the body but further diagnostic work is required by a medical professional to identify the infection. 

self-test kit is extremely simple to use, requiring no training and the results are available within minutes. 
By following up a positive MyCellHealth self-test kit result with a visit to a qualified medical practitioner, unusual cell activity may be detected
 before any symptoms present themselvesimproving the user's chances of early diagnosis and recovery.

In completed overseas clinical trials[1]
the patented reagent in the MyCellHealth self-test kit has proven to successfully detect markers for a variety of different forms of unusual cell activity with a high degree of accuracy

** The MyCellHealth test is not currently available for clinical use or sale. 
1 Trials undertaken by the Jilin Biological Research Institute, funded by the sponsors under permission 20100016



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