Our patented reagent is a complex mixture of inorganic acids, metal salts, azo- compounds and organic colorimetric biosensors, designed to detect unusual concentrations of targeted amino acids (including but not restricted to Tyrosine, Tryptophan and DOPA), precursors and their metabolites from a 15 mL sample of fresh urine.

Amino acids, precursors and their metabolites, vital to the survival of all cell types, experience reprogrammed metabolism during unusual cell activity.

The need for increased amino acid production to fuel the high anabolic metabolism of cells experiencing unusual cell activity is a vulnerability of these cells, since elevated concentrations of the amino acids, precursors and their metabolites that we target are detectable in human biofluids (e.g. urine) and have been shown to be attractive biomarkers in the detection of unusual cell activity.

The body cannot store excess amino acids so what the cells do not utilise enters the body plasma, metabolises in the kidneys and exits the body in urine

A positive result (reddish brown signal colour) indicates the presence of abnormal concentrations of targeted amino acids and their metabolites – requiring further medical attention for any diagnosis.

Amino Acid GIF